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Recreational Batteries

Superior batteries for recreational vehicles available from our growing dealer network or from our battery centres in Townsville, Cairns & Mackay

At North Queensland Batteries the selections available for your marine or land based recreational activities is one of the best in the state.

Batteries for your large or small boat, your camper trailer, caravan, motor home and even your personal watercraft are always readily available. The team throughout the North Queensland Batteries' network can supply and fit whatever battery you may need leaving you feeling confident that your replacement battery has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and come with a nationwide guarantee giving you real peace of mind and that, makes real economic sense.

Marine Batteries

North Queensland Batteries have a huge range of Marine batteries to suit everything from Jetskis, to small watercraft, powerboats right up to large Motor Boats and Ocean Going Yachts Our range of marine batteries include Conventional, Calcium/Calcium (maintenance free) and AGM types of battery. We have something for every unique purpose and also the premium brands such as Deka, Optima, Interstate and Lion Marine Batteries.

Our premium range of marine batteries are high in cranking to suit the latest manufacturer specifications, have glass matt separators and internal bonding to resist vibration and have the flexibility of dual terminals (standard post for starting and wing nut for accessories) and are robust (tough) in design to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Lion Marine Batteries

North Qld Batteries offer a comprehensive range of Lion Brand premium Conventional, Sealed Maintenance Free, Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Recreational batteries specifically designed to suit demanding and diverse Marine applications. The Lion Marine range is tailored to meet Marine applications across all marine market segments and is the battery of choice for professional marine operators, owners of recreational and leisure craft, wind sport enthusiasts and users of a multitude of marine related battery applications.

Lion Marine Batteries are available in a number of different designs each specifically manufactured and specified to meet particular Marine applications.

Lion Deep Cycle Batteries

North Qld Batteries sell and recommend Lion Deep Cycle Batteries which are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the strenuous demands of today's Deep Cycle applications, requiring sustained power over extended periods.

The comprehensive range of Lion Deep Cycle Batteries is available for applications across all Recreational, Marine, Commercial, Mobility and UPS Stand By markets.

Lion Deep Cycle Batteries are available in a number of different designs each specifically manufactured and specified to meet certain applications.

Follow the link to the Lion Deep Cycle Specification data chart which will further clarify the right battery for your Deep Cycle needs.

Lion AGM and GEL Batteries for Deep Cycle Service

The Lion range of Deep Cycle AGM, Premium Marine AGM and GEL Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Batteries are specifically designed and used in deep cycle applications, which may require many more cycles. The Lion AGM & GEL Battery range have excellent recovery from deep discharge, the Lion range of AGM & GEL batteries are perfect for Caravan and RV situations as well as golf trolley, marine cycling and recreational solar power.

North Queensland Batteries have the best range of Lion AGM and GEL batteries at the most competitive prices, call in and talk to our professional staff for the best advice on the right batteries for your situation.

Recreational Solar Power

For the best advice and prices on solar power and equipment for your Boat, Caravan, RV Motorhome, or 4wd Camper see the experienced team at North Queensland Batteries

Commercial High Performance Emergency Batteries
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