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Quick Cable Battery Accessories

Quick Cable is the leading manufacturer of battery boxes, connectors, cable, cable assemblies, and tools for the energy storage industry

We are DC (Direct Current) specialists. Our components, assemblies, and systems are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical, in power generation, renewable energy, transportation, construction, logistics, and aviation. Our battery enclosures, racks and containment systems, together with related battery maintenance and safety products, assure the safe and optimal use of energy storage.

Here is a small sample of the amazing Quick Cable range of products

IntelliQuick Battery Charger iQ610

A bench-top charger, microprocessor- controlled featuring IntelliQuick technology to provide the correct algorithms for charging flooded, AGM and GEL cell batteries.

Portable Power Packs and Accessories

Professionals choose Quick Cable Rescue® brand portable power packs and booster cables because they work--we start with quality engineering and materials and we deliver products that won't let you down when you need them most. Whether you're a daily driver, a tow truck operator, or you want to have a back up emergency starter for employees and visitors at your business, Rescue portable power packs have the track record for dependability and performance.

Battery Boxes and Hold Downs

Quick Cable is your most extensive resource for battery boxes for any application--from wheelchairs to tugboats, from bass boats to standby and renewable power systems. Our QuickBoxes are U.S. made and offer features like flexible mounting options, cable routing options, and application-specific approval listing, such as U.S. Coast Guard. No matter what your application, look to Quick Cable for the right battery box.

Commercial High Performance Emergency Batteries
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