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Recycle your used batteries

Lead acid batteries; commonly used in cars, trucks, tractors, boats, and industrial and mining equipment can cause environmental disposal problems. Land filling presents the risk of soil and groundwater contamination, and with incineration there is the risk of toxic air emissions.

Given present disposal options, recycling is the only safe solution (up to 97% of a battery is recyclable). Recycling lead acid batteries not only conserves energy and natural resources for the future, it reduces the risks to human health and the environment.

North Queensland Batteries has adopted a responsible initiative in the management of lead acid batteries involving wholesale distribution of new batteries and also the recovery of used lead acid batteries for recycling through our service agency network.

Recycling Batteries is Easy

The recycling recovery process is simple; we collect any kind of lead acid battery, no matter which brand. We offer a generous discount for the recovery of a used lead acid battery when purchasing a new battery, we also offer an attractive rebate scheme for recovery of used batteries to our wholesale distributors and service agents, or we will pay you for your used batteries.

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