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Presenting North Queensland Batteries… developed for the tropical conditions prevalent in Townsville, Cairns & Mackay

North Queensland Batteries have developed a premium range of automotive, truck, tractor and marine batteries exclusively developed to handle the harsh tropical Queensland conditions.

North Queensland Batteries unique range of batteries use advanced hybrid calcium (low maintenance) and also calcium/calcium (maintenance free) technology coupled with our own unique internal plate assembly specification, which is developed for harsh tropical Queensland conditions.

All North Queensland Batteries are developed to resist electrolyte losses, Heat corrosion, and Vibration, which are the major causes of battery failure in Queenslands extreme conditions.

Hybrid Calcium, and Calcium/Calcium technology ensure proven resistance to electrolyte losses through heat evaporation and constant cycling in urban traffic conditions, self discharge rates are also minimised resulting in a superior battery life cycle. In addition our maintenance free range has an advanced double cover design to collect electrolyte vapour and return liquid electrolyte to the battery.

Under bonnet temperatures in tropical Queensland conditions are nothing short of extreme (85°+ Celsius), and the hotter battery acid gets the more corrosive it becomes causing rapid deterioration to the batteries internal lead components. All North Queensland Batteries have a uniquely spaced plate assembly with much thicker cast bussing and on strap (COS) components enabling resistance to vibration and the accommodation of more cooling electrolyte thus reducing heat corrosion in extreme tropical Queensland conditions without compromising superior starting performance.

North Queensland Batteries are constructed with a high strength polypropylene case and extra heavy-duty internal components designed to protect the battery from vibration and impact. North Queensland Batteries use a heavy duty PE envelope separator to prevent internal short-circuiting from vibration and provide superior high cranking in high temperature environments. All of north Queensland Batteries’ feature a “flush” built in handle for easy replacement and fitting, Maintenance free types feature a magic eye indicator for “easy to check” state of charge.

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