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For batteries in Townsville, Cairns & Mackay and everywhere else in between, this professional team has you thoroughly covered for not just your car, bike, marine and agricultural batteries but a a complete range of accessories from the world’s leading brands

Welcome to North Queensland Batteries, a unique operation established in 1993 to cater for the battery needs of all North Queenslanders providing batteries to suit everything from Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Boats, and Motor Cycles to Mobile Phones, Power Tools, Cameras and many other needs.

North Queensland Batteries also specialises in Battery Chargers to suit many applications; including domestic workshop and commercial applications, they also supply Solar Panels and related equipment to suit Recreational, Home and Industrial needs.

During these successful years of operation North Qld Batteries have developed and grown to become one of the largest privately owned battery organisations in regional Australia . Their current services include Retail, Fleet and Trade operations, also Direct Importing, Wholesale Distribution and Battery Recycling operations.

North Queensland Batteries Automotive range of Batteries have been developed specifically for tropical conditions, they are sold under their own NQB brand and iconic Lion brand and are distributed through our extensive network of Service Agents represented in 25 towns and cities throughout regional Queensland.

Of key importance is their emphasis on professional customer service and after sales care. Having developed the largest Service Agency network in regional Queensland , good “word of mouth” referrals are of prime importance.

To maintain this level of service, their staff are continually kept informed and trained about new product developments, and also all aspects of their existing range so that they can offer you quality products and professional service at a competitive price.

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